Lara Drewes, President

2019 Somerset County


School Counselor of the Year

The SCSCA would like to recognize individuals who have made major contributions to the counseling profession with the annual "Counselor of the County" award. The purpose of the award is to recognize a counselor for outstanding service and achievement. In addition to the recognition given to the award winner, positive public attention is focused on school counseling.


Eligibility for consideration:

A. The county nominee must currently be employed as a school counselor/lead counselor/director/supervisor and have completed three consecutive years of counseling service

B. The nominee must hold a Master's Degree or equivalent in School Counseling and be certified as a counselor by the state of New Jersey.

C. The counselor MUST be a member of the Somerset County School Counselor Association (SCSCA)


Criteria for recognition:

A. The nominee should possess the personal qualities desirable in a school counselor.

B. The nominee must have been responsible for innovations in guidance and counseling programs, for demonstrating leadership in school counseling, and for performing an outstanding service to the school or community.

C. The activities or accomplishments recognized must have taken place within five years prior to the date of presentation.


Nominations Due By February 25, 2019!